Meet G.G.


G.G.'s Biography

Meet G.G., the charming Australian Shepherd! Named after beloved family members, Georgia Gloria is more than just a pup - she's a four-legged superstar. Acquired from a reputable breeder, G.G.'s favorite pastime is showing off her frisbee-catching skills, proving she's the top dog in town. While she dreams of bacon, she settles for boiled chicken and Charlie crackers with a hint of peanut butter. But it's her hilarious TV habits that steal the show; watching historical dramas for a glimpse of sheep while ignoring nature shows entirely. Described in one word? Spunky! And if you catch her in line at the bakery, don't be surprised if someone mistakes her for a movie star - she's never gotten over it! G.G. truly believes she's Hollywood's next big thing!