Meet Lucy


Lucy's Biography

My name is Lucy. I am an American Staffordshire Terrier and an AKC Canine Good Citizen. At age one and pregnant, I was abandoned in someone's backyard before a rescue organization took me in. I was the first to be adopted from my pack (which isn't very common for a mom to be adopted before her puppies), but my "furever" mom had an instant connection with me and wanted to give me the best life. We're attached at the hip. She says I have a gentle, playful soul and calls me a blessing. I love smooches and treats. I let my mom dress me up in funny clothes and costumes for photos because I know it makes her happy. My favorite place to be is in my king size bed. I mean it's mom's bed, but it's OUR bed. I love treats! Mom knew I was destined to be a therapy dog when she watched me at the dog parks giving love to all the humans in between my playtime. Did I mention that I love treats?!