Meet Luna


Luna's Biography

I am a fawn-colored American Staffordshire Terrier mix, although my demeanor often gets me labeled as a land hippo or seal. My mom and I found each other hiking at Runyon Canyon. While my past is unknown, what IS known is that I am a senior dog and an absolute love machine. My favorite activity is when humans pet me! I playfully swat my paw for more and dole out kisses to remind them not to stop. Lizards and squirrels also excite me, but I am not quick enough to catch them. I am an expert couch potato and a connoisseur of peanut butter. When I attend graduate school with my mom, the humans there call me a healer, so maybe some things are sinking in! My closest friends include my vet, my groomer, some neighborhood canines, and all the humans that provide me with love!